Have you ever curated an exhibition using special collections materials? If so, please share the details.

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    Sample interview questions: Have you ever curated an exhibition using special collections materials? If so, please share the details.

    Sample answer:

    Yes, I have curated an exhibition using special collections materials. The exhibition I curated was titled “Unveiling the Past: Treasures from the Archives” and it showcased rare and significant items from our special collections department.

    To begin with, I conducted extensive research on the available special collections materials to identify items that would be suitable for display. I carefully selected items that were visually impactful, historically significant, and represented a range of subjects and formats.

    Once the items were chosen, I collaborated with a team of designers, conservators, and exhibition specialists to plan the layout and design of the exhibition space. We aimed to create an immersive and engaging experience for visitors, taking into consideration factors such as lighting, security, and preservation requirements.

    Next, I worked closely with our conservators to ensure the safe handling and display of the selected items. This involved assessing the condition of each item, determining appropriate display methods, and implementing necessary preservation measures such as temperature and humidity control.

    Additionally, I wrote detailed exhibition labels and interpretive materials to provide context and historical information about each item. These labels were carefully crafted to engage visitors and enhance their understanding and appreciation of the special collections materials on display.

    To promote the exhibition, I collaborated with the library’s marketing team to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. This included creating promotional materials such as posters, brochures, and digital advertisements, as well as reaching out to local media outlets for coverage.

    During the exhibition, I regularly monitored and assessed visitor feedback and engagement. I conducted guided tours, organized educational programs, and facilitated workshops to further enrich the visitor experience. I also maintained a strong online presence through social media platforms, sharing behind-the-scenes insights and encouraging online discussions.

    Finally, after the exhibition concluded, I oversaw the deinstallation process, ensuring that all items were safely returne… Read full answer

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