Describe your experience in cataloging and metadata management.

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    Sample interview questions: Describe your experience in cataloging and metadata management.

    Sample answer:

    I have extensive experience in cataloging and metadata management as an academic librarian. Throughout my career, I have been responsible for organizing and categorizing library materials to ensure easy access and retrieval for users.

    In terms of cataloging, I have expertise in various cataloging standards such as Resource Description and Access (RDA), Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2), and the Library of Congress Classification system. I have successfully created and maintained bibliographic records for a wide range of resources including books, journals, electronic resources, multimedia materials, and special collections. I am well-versed in applying subject headings and classification codes to accurately describe and classify resources, enabling users to locate materials efficiently.

    I have also actively participated in metadata management projects within the library. This includes creating and maintaining metadata records for digital collections, ensuring consistency and adherence to established standards such as Dublin Core, MODS, or METS. I have experience in utilizing metadata management systems and software to enhance discoverability and accessibility of digital resources. Additionally, I have collaborated with other librarians and professionals to develop best practices for metadata creation and enrichment.

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