Can you discuss your experience in collection development and weeding?

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    Sample interview questions: Can you discuss your experience in collection development and weeding?

    Sample answer:

    My experience in collection development and weeding encompasses various projects over several years. I have actively participated in shaping library collections that meet the evolving needs of diverse user communities.

    In my previous role at a public library, I led the development of a comprehensive collection development policy, ensuring alignment with community demographics, research interests, and curriculum requirements. I conducted thorough market research, analyzed circulation data, and consulted with subject matter experts to identify gaps and areas for expansion.

    Regarding weeding, I have implemented systematic procedures to remove outdated, damaged, or infrequently used materials from the collection. This process involved evaluating items against established criteria, such as circulation statistics, physical condition, and relevance to current curriculum or research. I collaborated with staff and patrons to ensure informed decision-making and foster a culture of collection stewardship.

    Furthermore, I have explored innovative approaches to collecti… Read full answer


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