Can you describe your experience in managing digital preservation workflows for video materials?

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    Sample interview questions: Can you describe your experience in managing digital preservation workflows for video materials?

    Sample answer:

    1. Conceptualization and Policy Development:
    2. Developed a comprehensive video preservation strategy to address digitization, storage, access, and metadata requirements.
    3. Implemented policies and procedures to ensure proper handling, transfer, and storage of video assets.
    4. Set up a structured metadata schema to capture descriptive and technical information about video materials.

    5. Acquisition and Ingest:

    6. Worked with content creators, producers, and donors to acquire video materials in various formats, including analog tapes, digital files, and DVDs.
    7. Supervised the digitization process, ensuring adherence to quality standards and best practices.
    8. Coordinated metadata collection and enrichment, including manual data entry and automated extraction techniques.

    9. Digital Asset Management and Storage:

    10. Set up a centralized digital asset management (DAM) system to organize and manage video materials.
    11. Implemented a robust storage infrastructure, including redundant storage arrays and secure cloud platforms.
    12. Monitored storage capacity and performance, proactively planning for future storage needs.

    13. Preservation and Long-Term Access:

    14. Established a proactive preservation strategy to protect video materials against obsolescence, bit rot, and technological changes.
    15. Monitored the condition of physical and digital video assets, implementing preventive and corrective actions as needed.
    16. Regularly updated and migrated video files to new technologies and formats, ensuring long-term accessibility.

    17. Metadata Management and Discovery:

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