Can you describe your experience in digitization projects for special collections?

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    Sample interview questions: Can you describe your experience in digitization projects for special collections?

    Sample answer:

    In my role as a Digital Services Librarian, I have extensive experience in managing and leading digitization projects for special collections. These projects involve the conversion of unique and valuable materials such as rare books, manuscripts, photographs, maps, and other archival materials into digital formats.

    Throughout my career, I have successfully planned and executed numerous digitization initiatives, working closely with subject specialists, curators, and conservators to ensure the preservation and accessibility of these special collections. I have a thorough understanding of the digitization process, including the selection of appropriate equipment, metadata creation, image capture, post-processing, and quality control.

    To effectively manage digitization projects, I employ a systematic approach that begins with thorough assessment and planning. This involves evaluating the condition and research value of the materials, establishing project goals and timelines, determining copyright and intellectual property considerations, and identifying the most suitable digitization techniques.

    I am well-versed in various digitization methods, including flatbed scanning, overhead capture, book scanning, microfilm scanning, and the use of specialized equipment such as overhead cameras and large format scanners. I have experience in handling delicate and fragile materials, employing conservation-friendly techniques to minimize any potential risks during the digitization process.

    Metadata creation is a crucial aspect of digitization projects, as it ensures discoverability of the digital objects. I have expertise in applying appropriate metadata standards such as Dublin Core, MODS, and METS, as well as utilizing controlled vocabularies and authority files for accurate and consistent description.

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